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Webinar: Policy development and value of increased local flexibility

Ongoing policy and legislative change offer both challenges and opportunities of increased flexibility in local electricity network. Learn more about the latest developments at this FlexiGrid webinar.

Current legislation and regulations are insufficient both at EU level and in individual countries, creating significant obstacles to the development of local flexibility markets, as shown in a report by FlexiGrid and RISE. In the webinar we will discuss the value that flexibility can offer and explore the drivers for participating in local flexibility markets. In addition, learn more about our work to develop a clear and actionable guide for distribution system operators (DSOs) to utilise more flexibility.


FlexiGrid is a European innovation project consisting of 16 partners from eight countries, with the goal of creating more flexibility in the electricity market, such as through local markets where DSOs and other stakeholders can trade with flexibility.

Policy development and value of increased local flexibility
31 May 2023
Digitally through Teams
29 May 2023

Free of charge

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Wenche Tobiasson


+46 10 516 59 83

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