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Additive manufacturing

We provide good examples of how additive manufacturing is used by different companies as well as tips on events, courses and conferences.


Read about good examples and news related to AI. The newsletter is in Swedish.

Agriculture and food

The newsletter for those who want to know how RISE collaborates with different actors and parts of the food system to find new and innovative solutions. The newsletter is in Swedish.


Find out about new initiatives and research in the field of bioeconomy and health.

Measurement techniques

Receive news, good examples and information about upcoming events and courses within measurement techniques. An important aspect for reaching quality, safety, and credibility and that spans across several areas and industries.

The future of urban development

Read about the latest trends within sustainable development for the future of urban development. The newsletter is in Swedish.

Sustainable production and material transition

Here we share knowledge and good examples and keeping you updated on upcoming events and trainings.

Substitution of harmful chemicals 

In this newsletter we provide good examples of substitution of harmful chemicals and tips on new tools and services. The newsletter is in Swedish.