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Research and specialisation

– create a basis for further development.

Do you need to prepare the basis for a decision on the further development of a drug? Test the viability of an entirely new business model? Or evaluate the function of a material in interaction with marine microorganisms? In short, a proof of concept for your hypothesis, idea or substance. 

RISE's research expertise and more than 130 test and demonstration environments can help organisations in the early stages of their technical or business development. Both through testing and validation, but also by suggesting strategies and pathways for further development, so that products and/or services can be developed, scaled and tested outside the laboratory environment, increasing the pace of innovation.

Our test and demonstration environments are open to industry, academia and the public sector. In addition, we can provide access to large-scale research infrastructures and the European supercomputing infrastructure in collaboration with academia.

Explore and analyse


Explore and analyse

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