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Policy development

– the way forward for technology and regulation.

The transition to a sustainable society depends on the rapid development of technology. But technology alone is not enough; to realise its full potential and accelerate the sustainable transition, regulations and policies need to evolve at the same pace. In some cases, policy developments can even take the lead in forcing new technological solutions.

Traditionally, technology development has been separated from policy and regulatory development. But if we are to take a holistic approach to regulatory issues, the silo mentality needs to be broken and replaced by working methods where technology development experts work together with lawyers, economists, behavioural scientists, environmentalists and systems scientists to find the way forward for both technology and regulation.

RISE can act as a neutral coordinating party in the policy development work. Using methods based on design thinking, for example, we can bring together knowledge and skills based on needs, both in law and in the subject area(s) concerned, to develop better policies and regulations where participation and adaptation to user needs are key factors. RISE's grounding in science, access to research expertise, independence and habit of working with industry, the public sector, academia and government means that policy development work is faster and smoother.


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Explore and analyse

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