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Certification is about creating safety and trust by showing that a product, person or management system fulfill the requirements and regulations set by companies, government bodies and consumers.

By engaging RISE in certifying a management system, product or individual competency, companies and individuals can demonstrate that they are serious about quality and safety issues regarding the services and product they provide. 

A certification means that a competent and independent third party have reviewed the company's quality system, an individual's competency or tests with its attached reports for a product .All to ensure that demands set in laws, regulations and standards are met. This way whoever that choose to cooperate with a company who's quality system is certified or whoever that buys a certified product can feel certain that the given demands are met. 

Here you will find issued certificates, certified products, persons, and management systems:

Tomas Holm

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Tomas Holm


+46 10 516 59 88

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