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Problem solving & expert support

– new perspectives or practical help.

Imagine you're facing a problem that needs to be solved in order to move forward with developing a product or improving a process, but you can't quite manage to solve it on your own. Perhaps you have encountered acute problems in a production process, or you need someone to brainstorm about financing circular business models. Wouldn't it be valuable in this situation to have the help of an expert - either to discuss the problem and get new perspectives so that you can find a solution on your own, or to get practical help in solving the problem? In either case, RISE is the answer.

With expertise in a wide range of areas relevant to both business and the public sector, and years of experience from countless research projects and previous client engagements, we can ensure that your projects or your business do not come to a standstill. RISE also has access to advanced equipment that allows us to carry out the analysis that our clients do not have the opportunity to carry out, and thus find a solution to the problems that our clients need our help with. Often we can also point out factors - external or internal - that we know from our expertise and experience will affect your business, so that you can incorporate this information into your future development work and avoid further problems down the line.

Develop and scale


Develop and scale

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