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Handling complaints

Feedback from our customers and clients is an important element of our work to continuously improve our processes and procedures. We have a well-defined process and case management system in place to deal with your views and complaints.

We adhere to the following process when dealing with the feedback we receive here at RISE.

Process for investigating your case:

  1. We receive your feedback.
  2. An investigator is appointed.
  3. You receive a confirmation.
  4. A root cause analysis is performed.
  5. A decision is taken on any necessary action.
  6. We inform you of what action we have taken.
  7. We follow up the effects of those measures.

If you have a complaint about something we have done, or failed to do, or one of our deliveries, you can notify us by reaching out to your contact person. If you, for any reason, are unable to send your complaint to your contact person, you may instead reach our to our Sustainability and quality manager by contact details found below.

Once we have received and registered your complaint, we will analyse the chain of events, decide on the best cause of action and look into how we can prevent the same thing from happening again. Naturally, we will inform you regarding how we have addressed your complaint.

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