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Future analysis

– strengthen your ability to navigate in an uncertain and complex world.

Future analysis provides a basis for decision making that makes plans and strategies more resilient by actively managing uncertainty, giving organisations a greater ability to navigate an uncertain environment and meet the complex challenges of the future.

Through our expertise in futures analysis, RISE can help individual organisations, industries or society as a whole to take advantage of the opportunities that the future brings. We provide active support in driving development towards a desired future - whether it is unlocking potential in technology and innovation, highlighting a desirable shift and position for an organisation, or something else entirely. 

Based on our independence and using scientific methods, RISE works with future analysis in a number of different ways: 

  • We take on the role of analysts and process managers to carry out foresight projects and future studies.
  • We can carry out environmental and systemic analysis to identify trends and shifts that are already evident today, as well as trend analysis to indicate future developments.
  • We use future scenarios to paint multiple pictures of how the world might develop and explore alternative futures through workshops and games.
  • We help organisations implement and drive strategic foresight to complement investment in new technologies and innovation, and to analyse their role in wider transitions and changes in the economy and society.


A lot is happening, to say the least, in aviation and aeronautics right now. The Swedish Transport Administration turned to RISE for help in looking into the crystal ball and seeing where this development could go.

"We needed to make a research plan for the Swedish Transport Administration's areas of responsibility, and to make that plan we needed to produce an external analysis," says Lars Spångberg, strategist at the Swedish Transport Administration.

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