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Why you need to phase out hazardous chemicals

There are many reasons to eliminate hazardous chemicals from products and processes. The fundamental reason, of course, is to protect everyone's health and the environment, but there are also a number of more specific drivers.

Regulatory requirements

All companies must comply with existing chemicals legislation. This applies not only to goods that the company manufactures, but also to goods that are imported or distributed.  The legal requirements that apply to your company will depend on your role in the supply chain and the type of products and goods you sell.

More information on chemical legislation

Chemicals legislation is constantly evolving, and the European Commission has developed an ambitious chemicals strategy that will have an impact on businesses in many different sectors, with the aim of improving the protection of people and the environment from dangerous chemicals.

More information on the EU strategy on chemicals

Moving towards a circular economy

Phasing out hazardous chemicals is also a prerequisite for the transition to a circular economy. Recycling materials containing hazardous substances can cause major problems for human health and the environment. It is therefore important to minimise the use of hazardous substances in the first place so that they never enter the material stream.

We can help you to get started

The Swedish Centre for Chemical Substitution has methods and support materials that can help you with the structuring of your work. We can help you with advice and training. Contact us and we will help you to start or continue your work on phasing out hazardous chemicals.

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