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Independence and impartiality

RISE acts across several different roles, including testing, certification, verification, notified body, inspection and control, calibration, research and development, consulting, education and is responsible for large parts of Sweden's national metrology. To ensure objectivity, RISE cannot work across all roles for the same customer and product. This means that RISE must have functioning procedures in place to avoid such cases. 

RISE is run in a way that ensures that our operations are independent, impartial and objective regarding the services we offer.

RISE ensures objectivity and integrity in the execution of various assignments in order to avoid conflicts of interest, which are fundamental to maintaining the trust of clients, stakeholders, employees and the general public. There is no vested interest in the outcome of the performance of our services. RISE complies with applicable requirements for impartiality according to laws, ordinances, accreditations and standards.
RISE has established and follows internal guidelines and processes that ensure that all potential risks of bias and lack of objectivity are identified, minimized or eliminated and documented.

RISE does not participate in designing, manufacturing, delivering, installing, purchasing, owning, maintaining or performing consulting services for products that we certify or verify. Exceptions are purchases or ownership for RISE's own use. In addition, we do not offer or provide consultancy services to the manufacturer, its authorized representative, a subcontractor or a business competitor in relation to the design, manufacture, marketing or maintenance of the products or processes under assessment. This applies to all areas and products where RISE has a role as a third-party certifier, regardless of whether we will certify the individual customer's product or not.

RISE also refers to all subsidiaries that are part of the Group.