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Sound future and business environment analysis, strategic roadmaps and in-depth analysis improve an organisation's chances of success, make it easier to navigate a complex future and strengthen its competitiveness. RISE has unique, broad insights in a variety of areas. We see things early that many others do not, and can therefore help organisations make decisions about future strategies and investments.

Future analysis

Future analysis provides a basis for decision making that makes plans and strategies more resilient by actively managing uncertainty, giving organisations a greater ability to navigate an uncertain environment and meet the complex challenges of the future.

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Research and specialisation

Do you need to prepare the basis for a decision on the further development of a drug? Test the viability of an entirely new business model? Or evaluate the function of a material in interaction with marine microorganisms? In short, a proof of concept for your hypothesis, idea or substance. 

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Strategic roadmaps

A clear vision for the future is important for all organisations - from individual companies to entire industries. But to make the vision a reality, a strategic roadmap is needed to help organisations plan through uncertainty and navigate complexity. A roadmap can also serve as a tool to rally a company, an industry or an entire society around a common direction, with clear choices identified.

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Policy development

The transition to a sustainable society depends on the rapid development of technology. But technology alone is not enough; to realise its full potential and accelerate the sustainable transition, regulations and policies need to evolve at the same pace. In some cases, policy developments can even take the lead in forcing new technological solutions.

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Education and training

Both industry and society are undergoing rapid and far-reaching changes. Climate change and technological development are some of the factors placing new demands on our workforce. To meet the complex, often global challenges we face, we need to accelerate our ability to acquire new knowledge and skills. RISE supports industry and society through: initiatives to upgrade skills, re-skilling as part of other transformation processes and newskilling - when we know we need to learn new things, but not what, we can partner with you to explore it.

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Explore and analyse


Explore and analyse

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