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Contact the Swedish Centre for Chemical Substitution

We are your guide for substitution. Contact us, and we will help you towards a more sustainable future, step by step. 

The Swedish Centre for Chemical Substitution strives to be the hub for substitution, acting as a matchmaking node between companies, academia, industries, authorities and other organizations. 

Contact us and we can guide you in the right direction, or if you are interested in collaborations and networking.  

The Swedish Centre for Chemical Substitution

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Anna Jacobs

Centrumledare för Substitutionscentrum

+46 10 228 45 30

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Nina Melander

Rådgivare Substitutionscentrum

+46 10 516 52 16

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Anna S Strid

Rådgivare Substitutionscentrum

+46 10 228 48 37

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