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Chemicals to be substituted

“Chemicals with unwanted properties” – what does that really mean? 
As a matter of fact, there is a clear definition of the scientific criteria for “unwanted properties”, but they are hidden behind abbreviations such as PBT, CMR, SVHC or CLP. In this section we clarify the meaning of these. 

Chemicals are essential to manufacture the products we use in our daily life. Without chemicals it would be difficult to produce computers, clothes, furniture and houses. 

However, some chemicals have unwanted properties, like being poisonous, being accumulated in the environment or being very persistent. In order to phase out the right chemicals, it important for anyone producing or distributing goods to understand the classification of chemicals.

Classification according to the Swedish Chemicals Agency 

We use the classification and recommendations from the Swedish Chemicals Agency regarding what substances should be substituted. The Swedish Chemicals Agency uses the definitions:

  • Phase-out substances. Substances that should be substituted as far as possible. (Includes for example CMR substances, PBT substances and endocrine disruptors.)
  • Priority risk-reduction substances. Substances that you should consider substituting by assessing the risk connected with the intended use. (Includes for example substances with high acute or chronic toxicity.)

Under the categories Phase-out substances and Priority risk-reduction substances, there are classifications that describe the properties of the different groups of substances. The properties of the Phase-out substances are considered more severe than those of the Priority risk-reduction substances.

More about Phase-out substances and Priority risk-reduction substances

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