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Guidance in substitution

The substitution center can provide counseling and training in chemical substitution. 

We provide guidance on hazardous chemical substances in products and processes

We refer to the Swedish Chemicals Agency categorization and recommendations for substances that are considered hazardous and should be substituted. It is:

  • Phase-out substances. Chemicals to be substituted to the greatest extent possible. (Includes CMRs, PBTs, and endocrine disruptors, among others.)
  • Priority risk-reduction substances. Subjects you should consider replacing after a risk assessment is performed. (Includes substances with very high acute or chronic toxicity.)

Our guidance does not include:

  • Pesticides used in, for example, horticulture, agriculture and forestry
  • Medicines and medical devices

Guidance at all steps in the substitution process

Our Substitution Guide, is based on the Swedish Chemicals Agency's 5 steps of substitution. We offer guidance in all five steps of the substitution process. It includes, for example:

  • Guidance on how you can start working on substitution in your company
  • Guidance on communication with subcontractors regarding the chemical content of your products
  • Help with the use of our support material; templates for communication with subcontractors as well as risk assessment of product and mapping of the supply chain
  • Guidance on which databases and resources are relevant to your substitution question
  • Help finding a suitable laboratory for analysis of your product, material or chemica
  • Guidance on choice of strategy for how to invent possible alternatives for your substitution
  • Guidance on how to proceed with verification of alternatives for your chemical
  • Help find a laboratory or test bed that can verify alternatives

We help you find experts for your question

We can guide, help find information and take smaller assignments for individual companies. We cannot, however, undertake larger and longer assignments for individual companies. This is what we can offer:


  • Help to get in touch with the right resource within RISE for further advice, analysis or testing
  • Direct your question to the right expertise within our network of partners

Alternatives assessment is the basis for our guidance

Our advice is based on Alternatives assessment, which involves a holistic view of substitution. This means that factors such as health, environment, function and economy - throughout the life cycle - are taken into account in the assessment of alternatives, thereby increasing the conditions for a healthy substitution. We offer:

  • Information about the Alternatives Assessment process
  • How to work with Alternatives Assessment in your organization
  • Find alternatives based on the resources available online
  • Introduction course in Alternatives Assessment

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