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For us at RISE, quality means that you as a customer or partner experience that we create high value for you by meeting needs and requirements, and exceeding expectations. We must both do the right things and do things the right way. At RISE, there is central support for the organisation's quality work in the form of developing management systems and improvement work, process model and governance model, as well as support for accreditation and certification.

RISE acts in several different roles which include testing, certification, verification, notified body, inspection and control, calibration, research and development, consulting, training, and we are responsible for large parts of Sweden's national metrology (national measurement sites). Maintaining high quality in our services and offerings is a cornerstone of RISE's operations. Often, we can deliver at different levels depending on what you as a customer or partner need. From simpler implementations to an accredited level. We are also careful not to mix assignments that are in conflict of interest with each other.

To ensure objectivity, RISE cannot act in all roles for the same customer and product. Feel free to take part in our quality policy.

Independence and Impartiality

For RISE's operations, independence and impartiality are of great importance. Independence means:

  • no conflicts of interest exist
  • decisions are based on facts and sufficient evidence
  • not influenced by economic, commercial, or other pressures
  • identifying risks to impartiality and independence and to minimise or eliminate these

Learn more about our work and approach regarding independence and impartiality.

Third-Party Review

Part of our offering involves evaluating and quality-assuring products and innovations. These services are often regularly reviewed by independent organisations, such as Swedac – an authority for quality and safety.


Would you like to raise an issue regarding RISE’s quality-assurance activities? Learn more about how we deal with complaints.