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Everyone who conducts security-sensitive activities in Sweden must comply with the Swedish Security Protection Act (2018:585). The purpose of the Act is to strengthen the protection of Sweden’s security by protecting businesses against crimes such as espionage, sabotage, terrorism and privacy violations.

The Act helps businesses to handle sensitive information correctly, and provides customers, partners and employees with the security required to be able to carry out various projects and assignments.

RISE’s assignments and research occasionally relate to socially important activities, national defence and Sweden’s contingency plans, which means that security protection regarding the information being handled may be relevant. It is therefore very important for RISE, together with the customer/client/financier prior to the start-up of a project, to determine whether the information to be handled may be covered by security protection, in order that proper protection can be put in place.

Research is based on us sharing, verifying and developing our own results and the results of others. We can do this if we protect the things that are worth protecting.

Our security policies

You can read about the security policies available at RISE in greater detail here(in Swedish).
You can also elect to save them as pdf files(in Swedish).


Information safety policy

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