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Welcome to the Swedish Centre for Chemical Substitution

The Swedish Centre for Chemical Substitution acts as a node to promote substitution of hazardous chemicals and identify better alternatives for products and processes. Step-by-step, we can guide your organization to a more sustainable future.

FYI: During summer 2023, we are working on improving the Substitution Center's website. We apologize that it may be a little disorganized temporarily.

The Swedish government assigned RISE as host of the Swedish Centre for Chemical Substitution, and the center will act as an independent partner to both businesses and the public sector.
Our work will focus on consumer products and small and medium sized enterprises (SME).

The center will map and monitor knowledge within the area of substitution and make it easily accessible to the public by guidance, support material, workshops, trainings etc.

Our goal is to increase the number of companies replacing hazardous chemicals with better substitutes. Together we can work towards an environment free from chemical pollutants and strengthen Sweden’s market position internationally. 

Anna Jacobs

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Anna Jacobs

Centrumledare för Substitutionscentrum

+46 10 228 45 30

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