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Good examples of phasing out unwanted chemicals

Do you find it difficult to know how to start phasing out hazardous chemicals from your products? Want to know how other companies have done? Here you will find interviews with companies that have already started their substitution work. Read and be inspired!


It can feel difficult, and like a very big job, to phase out hazardous chemicals from products and processes. But calm down, you do not have to do everything at once, but every little step is a step in the right direction. You also do not have to invent the process yourself, there are many companies, organizations and businesses that have already come a long way in their substitution work. Be inspired by how they did and find the motivation to start working in your own company.

In the menu on the right you will find interviews with a number of companies.

Has your company made a successful substitution?

We are constantly looking for companies that have succeeded well with their substitution work. Feel free to tell us about your company's substitution work, or if you know of other companies or organizations that have phased out unwanted chemicals.

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Case studies for more inspiration

For more inspiration for the work with chemical substitution, we can recommend "case studies".

You will find a compilation of good resources with case studies here.

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