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Researcher, engineer, project manager, controller or admin? Find the role that suits you. Take a look at our open job positions.

Senior Researcher in AI Engineering

Application deadline: 2020-08-15
City: Stockholm, Kista

Research and business developer

Application deadline: 2020-08-09
City: Stockholm, Västerås, Hudiksvall eller Sundsvall

Senior researcher in cybersecurity

Application deadline: 2020-08-20
City: Göteborg

Master Thesis: Lightweight software containerization for the 5G edge

Application deadline: 2020-08-31
City: Stockholm

PhD student in cyber security for the Internet of Things

Application deadline: 2020-09-15
City: Västerås

Temporary position as project manager

Application deadline: 2020-07-17
City: Södertälje

PhD or PostDoc with a focus on digital ethics

Application deadline: 2020-08-10
City: Umeå

Director of Volume and Flow

Application deadline: 2020-08-20
City: Borås

Master thesis: Ensuring clean water sources using nanotechnology

Application deadline: 2020-09-30
City: Göteborg

Institute-employed doctoral student in physics

Application deadline: 2020-08-15
City: Lund

Sustainability researchers in IT infrastructures and Datacenter systems

Application deadline: 2020-07-31
City: Luleå

Master thesis: Formulation of poorly soluble antibiotics

Application deadline: 2020-07-31
City: Södertälje

Find more open positions on the Swedish version of this page.

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