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Online Course: Colloid Chemistry and Colloidal Dispersions - Fundamentals and Practical Aspects

This 3-day intensive course, originally planned to be held onsite and now available as an online course, provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental and practical aspects of colloid chemistry and colloidal dispersions.

The course is focused on particles that are dispersed in liquids. Nearby topics, such as surfactant chemistry, polymers in solution, emulsions and foams are also covered to some degree in order to make the course complete on a stand-alone basis.

Colloidal dispersions are systems where one phase, having at least one dimension between 1 and 1000 nm, is dispersed in a second phase. Examples are particles dispersed in a liquid to form a suspension or liquid droplets dispersed in a second liquid, in which it is insoluble, to form an emulsion.

Colloidal dispersions are present in every-day life, from food systems to ceramics. The chemistry of colloidal dispersions covers many overlapping fields of science, such as physical chemistry, organic chemistry, physics and biology. It is therefore rare that solely colloidal dispersions are covered.
This course is organized annually and has been held for five consecutive years since 2014.   


Goal and purpose

This course aims at providing a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental and practical aspects of colloid chemistry and colloidal dispersions which are relevant for a variety of technical applications.  

Target audience

The course is relevant for industrialists, researchers and PhD students working with development and formulation of any colloidal system, be it paints, coatings, ceramics, food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical formulations.


See information on “Target audience”


Prof. Bengt Kronberg, first author of the course book
Dr. Martin Andersson (RISE)
Dr. Isabel Mira (RISE)
Dr. Mikael Kjellin (RISE)


Here you can find more detailed information on the lectures and their content.

Voices from previous participants

“It was very intense but we got a good overview of the field.”
“The information in the handouts is clear and really easy to follow.”

Overall rating by participants of the course 2018
Excellent: 42% of course participants, Good: 58% of course participants

Overall rating of the performance of the lecturers in 2018:
Excellent: 58% of course participants, Good: 42% of course participants

Practical information


12 maj 2020 - 14 maj 2020


Stockholms stad


The course will be held online, in real time, using the video conferencing and online meeting platform Zoom. To join, participants will be provided with a link (no need for installation of the Zoom application or having an account will be required to join the meeting).  

Additional practical information will be communicated in connection to the course confirmation letter. 

Food and lodging

The course will be held online.

Type of event



Course certificate

Registration info


13 700 SEK excluding VAT

Payment details

The course fee will be invoiced to registered participants shortly after registration deadline. Information on the invoicing details needed is provided in the registration form.

Final registration date

30 apr 2020

Booking terms

Cancellation up to 14 Days before the event 100% refund, cancellation 14-7 days before the event 50% refund. No refund if you cancel later than 7 Days before the event. After informing the organizers a colleague can take your place if you cannot participate.

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This course is organized annually, typically around the same time of the year.

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