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Positive lists for substitution of hazardous substances

Here you will find the Swedish Center for Chemical Substitutions compilation of positive lists, lists of alternatives to hazardous chemicals, materials or products.

Positive lists contain information on alternatives to hazardous chemicals, materials or products. The alternatives have been reviewed and assessed by specific assessment criteria which may vary between the lists. The lists can be used to identify potential substitutes.

We have compiled the "Positive list of lists" with about 45 lists at present. The lists cover chemicals, goods and materials which are categorised. There are also references to the publisher and references to details about the criterias used.

The compilation is made in Excel so that you can easily sort by industry or function, depending on what you are interested in.

Can't find what you're looking for? Remember that there are another 30 resources in the form of databases, marketplaces and case studies in the Substitution Guide.

Download the Positive list of lists (Swedish)


3 examples of positive lists

INERIS: The French Institute for Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection has substitution lists for: phthalates, CMR (Substances that are Cancerogenic, Mutagenic, Reproductive Disorders) and Bisphenol A

SUBSPORT: The Substitution Support Portal has in-depth assessments for Chloroalkanes, Chromium VI and compounds, Bisphenol A, Lead, Nonylphenol and ethoxylates, Tetrachloroethylene, Formaldehyde, Brominated Flame retardants (HBCDD), Parabens

TCO Certified: "TCO Certified Accepted Substance List" for plasticizers, flame retardants and process chemicals in electronics.

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