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Three new doctoral students to NextBioForm

30 September 2020, 14:35

NextBioForm welcomes Amanda, Daniel and Zandra to the team.


Amanda Västberg


Projekttitel: Protein at interfaces linked to physical stability of the system

In my PhD project, I will study, surface-induced aggregation of proteins in solution. A central part of the project is to study the protein interactions and structural changes at the surface and correlate this to the bulk solution characteristics. The initial study will be a method comparison to study aggregates in the bulk solution.

Daniel Osanlóo 


Projekttitel: Alternative drying technologies for biologics

My PhD project concerns the development of alternative drying processes to freeze drying for protein formulations. I am studying how spray-drying and vacuum drying influence powder properties and stability of bioactive proteins in comparison to freeze-drying. The project is motivated by the need for more practical, less energy intense methods than freeze-drying, and the possibility to develop other product formats.

Zandra Gidlöf 

RISE/LU, finaced by SSF

Projekttitel: Novel delivery form of probiotics for microflora modulation

My PhD project concerns formulation of starch microspheres for delivery of probiotics to the colon. The aim is to obtain knowledge regarding the optimization of the starch microsphere formulation, in order to eventually achieve a feasible oral delivery system that can provide satisfactory shelf life, targeted release in the colon as well as good viability of the bacteria.