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Svenska Dagbladet: Soon, life will be a lot easier for a third of all patients

08 October 2019, 13:40

2019-03-05. New research will make biopharmaceuticals easier to use. The type is used for diseases such as diabetes and psoriasis and among new drugs, they are estimated to account for around one third. But biological medicine is difficult to handle - something a new research collaboration are about to remedy.

Biopharmaceuticals are described as the future of medicine. They include various vaccines, insulin, growth hormones, drugs for rheumatism and psoriasis, and antibodies against cancer. They differ from traditional drug preparations in that they have been produced in biological systems, that is, living cells or tissue.

The downside is that they are difficult to handle. Now, the NextBioForm research center, a collaborative project between 18 partners, is focusing on improving existing medicines so that they benefit more patients.

Read the interview (in Swedish) with Anna Fureby in SvD 2019-03-05.