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Collaboration to create technical solutions for improved animal production

The aim of the project is to explore the need for new technology and opportunities for collaboration between technology companies and farmers, so that in the future we can develop technical solutions and innovations that are adapted to the farmers' actual needs and requirements.

Over the past 50 years, we have seen an increased use of technical solutions in agriculture to monitor animal health, welfare and production. Agriculture is still constantly undergoing improvements to meet the needs of feeding a growing population. Increased production places great demands on animal health and continuous monitoring of all animals to ensure that production is optimal and therefore affects the environment as little as possible. Farmers unfortunately feel that the companies that develop technology do not always know what needs they have, moreover, the companies have to cooperate more in data sharing, so that there will not be an application in the mobile for every technical solution they use. The ease of using the technical systems is important for the farmer in order to absorb the technology, and previous studies have shown that they only use a fraction of the data that the technology can generate. Furthermore, there are examples of when the technology alarms, the farmer sometimes does not have a qualified action plan for these alarms.

The use of technical solutions in agriculture is increasing and used to optimize production and create profitability. The project will generate knowledge exchange between farmers and technology companies to create dialogue and collaboration on farmers' needs for technology development, and the opportunities for technology companies to develop new technical solutions and innovations that are adapted to the farmer's actual needs and requirements.


Project name

Collaboration farmers and companies



RISE role in project

Project leader

Project start


1 year

Total budget

500 000



Project members

Ann-Kristina Lind
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