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Hydrogen at RISE

Hydrogen is expected to play an important role in the ongoing climate and energy transition, since hydrogen´s carbon footprint is low.

An introduction to hydrogen at RISE.

The potential for environmentally friendly hydrogen as raw material and fuel in the industrial and transport sector is large. Hydrogen can replace fossil raw materials and energy carriers and thereby reduce carbon dioxide emissions from both industry and transports. Since hydrogen can be stored it can be used to balance an increasingly weather-dependent energy system as well as connect different energy users and energy sources.

A sustainable transition requires a well-developed infrastructure, access to sufficient competitive renewable electricity and a holistic approach.

RISE helps support your business in the ongoing transition work by contributing with facts and science. We are a constructive partner and map out both opportunities and challenges of hydrogen, applied to your unique situation.

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RISE is Sweden's research institute and innovation partner. In international cooperation with companies, academia and the public sector, we contribute to a competitive business life and a sustainable society.

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