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Vehicle Fire Safety

RISE has extensive experience in working with automotive industries in many aspects related to fire safety. With our expertise, we are involved in research as well as services such as testing and certification, accident investigation, risk assessment, and training, to enable future-proof technologies.

Our Expertise

RISE is a world leader in the evaluation of fire safety in a broad range of applications. Our expertise originates from extensive work in the field of vehicle fire safety, including road vehicles, off-road vehicles, rail vehicles, and vehicles at sea. In recent years, buses, ships and vehicles in mines, tunnels, and other critical infrastructures, have been in focus for several research projects. 

New energy carriers, new materials, new infrastructure, and new services introduce new societal risks. RISE seeks to mitigate them, to enable future-proof and sustainable technologies to be introduced in a safe manner.

Our Challenge

Fires in vehicles pose a significant threat to life and property. A nightmare scenario is a large vehicle fire in a tunnel or other critical infrastructure. At the same time, new fuels such as natural gas and different types of electric vehicles continue to emerge in response to our need for sustainable transport alternatives. Furthermore, new materials and techniques are being introduced into vehicles, including solar panels and automation. These new solutions introduce new fire challenges that need to be accounted for.  

CNG vehicle container fire tests performed by RISE

Our Commitment

RISE's wide range of knowledge on risk and safety, as well as our expertise in the field of fire, means that we can tackle the most complex problem areas. We are enablers for fire safe technologies, products and testing. We educate, assist, and investigate matters related to new risks and fires in vehicles. Our well-equipped and experience laboratories can be used to obtain product or system approval, and even for ad hoc tests that suit the specific needs of our clients. The knowledge gained through testing, and research, also makes us the preferred partner for accident investigations, educator on vehicle fire safety, and enablers of future-proof and fire safe technologies, products, and services.

For insight into our work, please have a look at the following publications:

The following projects related to vehicle fire safety are currently active:

More information

FIVE - Where international fire expertise meets

Every second year, RISE organizes FIVE - Fires in Vehicles, an international conference where scientists, regulators, test engineers, industry, suppliers, insurance companies and other organisations from the diverse field of transportation gather to discuss important fire issues.

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