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Ports SoHy - harbour

Ports SoHy

The bridge-building project Ports SoHy's goal is to establish the conditions for a larger main project. The aim of the main project is to increase the production, application and distribution of renewable energy in ports in the Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerak region. Hybrid-energy solutions will include solar energy, batteries and hydrogen.

Ports account for a significant proportion of municipalities' greenhouse gas emissions. Now focus is on how these emissions can be reduced and how ports can contribute to increased use of renewable energy in their own operations as well as fuel for both maritime and land transport.

Ports SoHy is a knowledge building project and will establish a partnership which can develop and implement solutions for ports. The project focuses on identifying pilots consisting of hybrid solutions and smart systems, where energy production comes from solar energy and is stored using hydrogen and batteries.


Project name

Ports SoHy



RISE role in project


Project start


10 months


Uddevalla kommun, Solenergiklyngen, Grenland Havn, Skagerak Energi, Kunnskapsbyen Lilleström, Evig Grönn AS


Interreg ÖKS