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Is your municipality or region planning for hydrogen?

RISE is here to support you and your company within hydrogen. We help you regardless of whether you are already familiar with hydrogen or new to the field.

Are you planning for hydrogen within your municipality or region?

Plan and set a hydrogen goal

Are you planning for hydrogen in your municipality and don´t know how to start? Does the region have a goal of switching to hydrogen? No worries, we will help you out. We work through the process, all the way from planning to goal.

We run through the opportunities and challenges of hydrogen

Our common work begins with a thorough review of what opportunities and challenges hydrogen means for your municipality or region. We then guide you to the right expertise for your continued work. Perhaps an educational effort is needed to raise the level of knowledge? Or you need something else.

Contact us about hydrogen

Examples of RISE projects in hydrogen – municipalities and regions

Hydrogen value chains in Skåne
Hydrogen, energy system and infrastructure around the Gulf of Bothnia
Hydrogen Transport Economy for the North Sea Region

System perspective of hydrogen production in connection to district heating

Some of RISE expertise within hydrogen – municipalities and regions

Energy system analysis from a societal benefit perspective
Governance Innovation – governance of tomorrow for a more sustainable society

Further reading for municipalities and regions

System innovation solving complex societal issues

We must work together for sustainable development

To continue our development and to move forward, we need to work together. innovation and sustainability is not achieved until municipalities, regions and business collaborate. We welcome you to work towards a sustainable society. A society where hydrogen is a key. We look forward to exploring the possibilities of hydrogen in your municipality or region!


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Sara Skärhem

Senior Projektledare

+46 10 516 57 55

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Stefan Ivarsson

Contact person

Stefan Ivarsson


+46 70 680 57 43

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Anna Larsson

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Anna Larsson


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Systemperspektiv för vätgasproduktion, sektorkoppling till fjärrvärme

RISE har drivit ett projekt, HyCoGen, som analyserat möjligheten till lönsam vätgasproduktion genom sektorkoppling till fjärrvärme. Ledande svenska fjärrvärmeleverantörer har deltagit. Syftet har varit att visa hur vätgas i ett en…
Press release

Prestudy on hydrogen infrastructure around the Bothnian Bay

Building a high-pressure pipeline for hydrogen around the Bothnian Bay is a huge infrastructure investment that is now being analyzed by the research institute RISE and Luleå University of Technology. The goal is to develop scenar…

Innovationsplattformar för hållbara attraktiva städer - fas 3

Kirunas Innovationsplattform fas 2 syftar till att undersöka former för en innovations- och utvecklingsdriven organisation och tar fram metoder och arbetssätt som stödjer samverkan, kommunikation och beslutsfattande i den omfattan…

The role of biobased energy carriers in a flexible energy system

In the transition to a fossile free society, electrification is an important tool. Renewable energy from solar and wind power needs to be balanced to create redundancy in the energy system. In combination with other renewable ener…


The project is part of a research center financed by SSF and entitled Production, Use and Storage of Hydrogen (PUSH). RISE is focusing on laboratory testing through electrochemical characterization methods, concact resistance meas…

Eco Edge Prime Power

Further digitalization of society over the next decade demands infrastructure that is closer to the consumer as the shift in consumption requires data services at the edge of the digital networks. The key to meeting this demand is…