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Functional safety assessment

Several new functional safety standards require that an independent safety review be conducted in parallel with the development work of components / systems. RISE is accredited by SWEDAC to perform functional safety assessment in accordance with IEC 61508, ISO 26262, ISO 25119 and IEC 61511, among others.

RISE can be responsible for the role of functional safety assessor that is defined in the standard. RISE's work is based on SWEDAC accredited methods and our independence means that we can act in this role up to the cases where the standards fully require that an independent organization be responsible for functional safety assessment.

Often it can be difficult to find a person in your own organization who is both sufficiently familiar with the requirements of functional safety standards and who has also not been involved in the development work for a new product to be able to act in the independent role of functional safety assessor. In addition, the requirement for independence increases the higher the degree of risk reduction one wishes to achieve with control system functions and in some cases these standards require that an independent organization be responsible for the role of functional safety assessor. In addition, it is a quality measure to be able to demonstrate to your customers that an independent organization has been responsible for the functional safety assessment work.


RISE functional safety assessment is based on our SWEDAC accredited methods for:

  • IEC 61508
  • ISO 26262
  • ISO 25119
  • IEC 61511


When the functional safety assessment is finalized, the results are compiled in a RISE report. We can also offer to issue a certificate that briefly (1-2 pages) describes the safety requirements that the product meets.


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Functional safety assessment




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