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Safety in underground structures

Fire, risk and safety in underground structure, for example: tunnels, mines, caverns and garages.

Underground structures are becoming increasingly important in the societal infrastructure. Closed spaces and complex structure creates challanges. A fire under ground can have severe consequences. Our mission and the aim of our research, nationally and internationally,  is to create the basis for safer underground structures in a variety of fields.

RISE has expertise knowledge that can help our customers finding solutions that are safe and cost effective, and that lead to socio-economic savings. Our long experience has made RISE world leading within the field and to a requested competence within the area of fire safety in underground structures.

Transfer of knowledge and experience between different actors and stakeholders within the society is an important part of our mission and we share our knowledge by active participation in networks we are responsible for and in different committees and reference groupsall over of the world. To make the underground structures of tomorrow safer by using innovative technologies, new methods and solutions, researchers, engineers, authorities and funders within the field of underground construction work closely together.

Since 2003 we have enabled meetings between the world experts within the field, by arranging and inviting to our conference ISTSS – International Symposium on Tunnel Safety and Security, where experiences and ideas can be exchanged and new research is presented.

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Our expertise within the field

  • Fire development and fire spread in vehicles under ground
  • Modelling of fires in tunnels
  • Fire investigations
  • Full-scale and model-scale tests in tunnels
  • Design fires
  • Evacuation
  • Smoke and fire gas ventilation
  • Extinguishing systems in tunnels
  • Fire resistance
  • Risks with alternative energy carriers for vehicles
  • Education and consulting

Our competence centres 

TUSC -  Tunnel and Underground Safety Centre

Our publications in DiVA

Publications within the field of fires in tunnel and underground structures

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