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Hydrogen embrittlement – Slow strain rate testing

Metallic materials exposed to a hydrogen atmosphere can exhibit degradation of their mechanical properties during their service life due to hydrogen embrittlement. Slow Strain Rate Testing (SSRT) in hydrogen atmosphere is a mechanical testing method that evaluates loss of ductility in metallic materials caused by hydrogen embrittlement.


The performance of materials used for example in hydrogen storage and transport systems can be severely affected by degradation caused by hydrogen embrittlement. An appropriate materials selection is a cost-effective way to reduce the risks of hydrogen embrittlement for the hydrogen industry.


The testing is carried out in the lab according to the principles of relevant standards. During the Slow Strain Rate Testing (SSRT), the specimens are subjected to an increasing uniaxial strain while exposed to gaseous hydrogen. The test continues until fracture occurs and the loss of ductility due to hydrogen embrittlement is compared against a specimen tested in an inert environment. We offer testing in hydrogen gas environment up to 150 bar.


Written report in English together with the acquired data.


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Hydrogen embrittlement – Slow strain rate testing

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Specimens according to agreement can be provided directly by the client. We can also receive raw material from which the specimens are made.

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