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To overcome the societal challenges we face, we need to further develop our skills, learn new things and relearn old ones. For lifelong learning, RISE offers opportunities for developing the expertise you need. It might involve upskilling for learning new skills. Or, reskilling, so that you can transition and acquire new skills and expertise, perhaps for an entirely new profession.

To accomplish this, we need to improve conditions for lifelong learning in trade and industry and the public sector. RISE has the requisite expertise to support customers and partners in this transition. We have extensive domain expertise in fields such as AI, cybersecurity, batteries, hydrogen, and many more. This – combined with our research and expertise in learning – makes us a unique partner in learning and training for our customers.

Here is our lifelong learning offering:

Skills transition




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Charlotta Schibbye Fredrikson

Chef inom strategisk forskning och affärsutveckling

+46 10 228 43 10

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