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We organise our competences and expertise in six divisions working across borders in business and innovation areas.


Bio-based forestry products should be able to replace many of today’s fossil-based products. Our Bioeconomy Division drives the transformation to a circular economy in collaboration with industry and academia. We work throughout the value chain, from raw materials to processed bio-based materials, fuels and packaging. Our test beds with industrial pilot and demonstration facilities are important to the upscaling of processes for future biorefineries.

Bioscience and Materials

Bioscience and Materials is the natural innovation partner for sectors such as agriculture and food production, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, biochemicals and biofuels, as well as those developing materials for the vehicle and building industries. The division provides services all the way from initial concept to applications, with the focus on the customer’s needs and society’s sustainable development.


Our ICT Division offers expertise throughout the chain for a digital, innovation-driven society – hardware, software, business development and industry knowledge in a range of strategic areas. The division offers cutting-edge expertise in areas such as sensor systems, automation, printed electronics, AI and data science, cyber security, visualisation, interaction design, fibre optics, sustainable transport and circular business models.

Built Environment

One of our major shared challenges is building tomorrow’s sustainable society. By combining a holistic approach with excellence, our Built Environment Division develops climate-adapted, energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions with people in focus. The division works in sectors such as urban development, building and housing. infrastructure solutions, circular economics, building materials, sustainable energy provision and climate adaption. Built Environment also includes RISE’s certification organisation for a wide range of standards for management systems, product and personnel covering the entire market for Swedish industry.

Safety and Transport

A future high-tech society will bring with it increased risks requiring safer, more sustainable transportation. The division offers expertise in active safety measures, mechanical risks, measurement techniques and fire protection in advanced laboratory environments. Our Safety and Transport Division also carries out testing, inspections, calibration and verification. The division also runs AstaZero, the world’s first full-scale test environment for the research and development of automated transport systems, as well as the Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory (SEEL), the new test facility for electromobility.

Materials and Production

The division supports innovation and development in sectors such as vehicle manufacturing, aerospace, engineering, foundries and textiles, by developing new designs and new materials and optimised manufacturing methods. Our materials, manufacturing and corrosion expertise can be utilised to improve the performance and reliability of products and to create improved production methods. We strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of Swedish industry and inspire and coach the introduction of digitalisation, sustainability and circular business models.