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IT Testbed for EMC & Wireless Communication

Testbed for EMC & Wireless Communication. Unique on European level and can handle all types of products from hand held units to large vehicles and machines for EMC as well as wireless communication over a broad frequency range.

The testbed is a resource around EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and wireless communication with a series of advanced physical resources and a research group with long experience within test method development and research in this area.

RISE has several measuring sites for EMC testing, designed for different product areas. The largest, AWITAR, is used by the automotive industry for advanced scenario-based EMC tests and complex communication tests. AWITAR has a capacity to take objects up to 70 tons in weight.

RISE EMC chamber, VIDAR, for complete vehicles means an extension of another high-performance chamber for complete vehicles for eg measurements of low-frequency emissions from electric powertrains / complete vehicles. It is a versatile multi-chamber, with two turntables, one 9 meters in diameter and the other 3 meters in diameter, with the possibility of expanding to 4 meters for wheeled vehicles. The smaller turntable enables faster emission and radio measurements according to, for example, industrial requirements.

Other chambers are used, among other things, for tests of vehicle components, radio transmitters and antenna calibration, which makes the facility the largest in Northern Europe with a total of 7 screen rooms.

We are developing advanced scenario-based test methods with a focus on active safety functionality together with the industry. This includes test methods for wireless communication systems.

We are also developing test methods for 5G systems and other radio-based systems for Internet-of-Things to support Swedish industry.


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Isolated testbeds (IT)


Automotive and transport, ICT and Telecom, Security and defence


Batteries, Electromobility


Västra Götaland Region


Brinellgatan 4, Borås

Tomas Bodeklint

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Tomas Bodeklint


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