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Measuring safe places

Around the world, cities and communities are striving towards creating safe places. In this project RISE, in cooperation with Center for AMP, developed a research based method for measuring and valuing the quality of public spaces in terms of their safety, as well as other variables.

The AMP-model is a cooperative model which, with a focus on a Swedish context, describes how businesses in cooperation with municipalities and citizens can create safer public spaces. As a step in implementing the model in different Swedish cities, the Centre for AMP has been formed by actors from the Swedish insurance and real estate industries. However, the centre is in need of finding more robust methods and metrics for measuring whether the investments in public spaces they are involved in lead to increased safety. This is the reason why Centre for AMP teamed up with RISE.

The project hade three goals:

  1. To assess existing research literature and measurements within the area.

  1. To develop and trial a prototyp of a measurement and valuation method. 

  1. To start a dialogue with various future users of the method.

In a project that followes after this, the parties will continue their' work by trialing the model on on or several public spaces in Sweden, and based on this develop the model further in terms of its quality and practical applicability.


Project name

Measuring safe places



RISE role in project

Koordinator, forskarpart, finansiär

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Centre for AMP


Centre for AMP, RISE

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Supports the UN sustainability goals

3. Good health and well-being
5. Gender equality
10. Reduced inequalities
11. Sustainable cities and communities
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Jeanette Melin


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