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Model for measuring development in city- and town centers

Many city- and town centers of today fight for their’ survival. Thus, it is important that decision makers have continuous access to high quality data as a way of making knowledge-driven decisions. In this project RISE and the organization Swedish City Centers explore the possibility of creating a national model to measure and monitor development.

The member organization Swedish City Centers (Svenska Stadskärnor) has as its' aim to support the development of attractive city- and town centers that generate growth and wellfare. Many of the organizations' members have a long history of measuring and monitoring city- and town centers. However, Swedish City Centers has identified a need of developing a more systematic and generic, although flexible, system for monitoring and comparing development in city- and town centers in different parts of Sweden.

As a means of getting there, RISE and Swedish City Centers have formed a long-term research- and development partnership. As a part of this, the organizations have initiated a first research- and innovations project. The project mobilizes researchers and analysts from RISE with competences in the areas of urban design, behavioural sciences, measurement technology, economic appraisals, big data and organizational sciences.

The project consists of two parts:

Part 1. Needs assessment. A number of existing instruments used by members of Swedish City Centers are examined. Futhermore, a number of focus groups are conducted with representatives of member organizations. 

Part 2. Measurement prototype. A prototype of a measurement instrument is developed based on the conclusions made during Part 1.

The results of the project are presented in a short report directed at the members of Swedish City Centers. The report includes a plan for future development opportunities and needs.


Project name

Measuring development in city centers



RISE role in project

Project leader, research party

Project start


6 months


Svenska Stadskärnor

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Supports the UN sustainability goals

8. Decent work and economic growth
11. Sustainable cities and communities