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Stefan Molnar


Tel +46 70 538 59 78


Location Göteborg

Unit Stadsutveckling (104201)

Stefan’s work focuses on the interaction between people and their surroundings. On the one hand, he studies how people use and are influenced by the design of places, such as streets, squares, green areas or whole neighborhoods. On the other hand, he develops tools that practitioneers can use in order to analyze and collaborate around places.

The goal of Stefan's work is to contribute to better and more sustainable living environments. Therefore, he usually collaborates with actors such as construction- and real estate companies, architectural firms, technology producers and municipalities.

Stefan is a part-time PhD candidate in collaboration with the Department of Science, Technology and Society at Chalmers University of Technology. In his’ dissertation, he studies how urban design professionals evaluate places .

Stefan has a master's degree in sociology from the University of Gothenburg, with additional studies in social psychology, anthropology, philosophy, economics and statistics. Before joining RISE, Stefan work with urban development issues within the City of Gothenburg. He has also had his own consultancy firm as well as been employed by a variety of public sector and civil-society organizations.