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Safety in urban planning - safe urban environments for whom?

Safety issues are a core concern in the design and management of today's urban environments. However, it is not always obvious that existing knowledge on what generates feelings of safety for different parts of the population (based on e.g. gender, age and ethnicity) has an impact on actual urban designs. This project wants to reduce this gap.

This project was initiated by City of Gothenburg. Its' main purpose is to reduce the gap between what we know about safety in urban environments and how urban environmnets are actually designed and managed. Its' goal is to develop a practically oriented material for design- and dialogue directed at civil servants in the City of Gothenburg.

The project is comprised of two parts.

Part 1. Developing a knowledge basis. RISE conducts a number of so-called rapid reviews, meaning small and rapid, yet systematic, research reviews on selected themes (e.g. gender, age and socio-economics). RISE also arranges a so-called research circle within which employees from the City of Gothenburg are allowed to meet, discuss existing research and relate it to their' daily work.

Part 2. Implementation. A process mapping excercise is carried out in which the city's existing urban planning processes is mapped, including how they relate to safety issues. Through workshops, core development needs and gaps are identified. The project's final deliverable is also defined in terms of its' format as well as its' implementation.

Based on the results of Part 1 and Part 2, a practically oriented material for design- and dialogue around safety issues is developed. The material could, for example, consist of models, matrices, visualizations, design principles, criteria, discussion questions, knowledge compilations, case descriptions etc.


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Safety in urban planning




Västra Götaland Region

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6 månader


Göteborgs stad


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Supports the UN sustainability goals

11. Sustainable cities and communities
Stefan Molnar

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Stefan Molnar


+46 70 538 59 78

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