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Green peas
Photo: Det här fotot av Okänd författare licensieras enligt CC BY-SA

Give peas a chance - new products and markets for the Swedish pea

The aim of the project is to develop a completely new product category of vegetarian food from Swedish pea and at the same time develop Swedish pea cultivation to produce a raw material with optimal properties for this purpose. There are three benefits to the project; reduced climate impact, improved public health and local, profitable Swedish agricultural production.

The goal of the project is to establish a sustainable Swedish alternative to the soybean as a basis for producing new plant-based foods. Innovation is based on the ability of pea proteins to form a linked fiber network when exposed to the right temperature and pressure. This gives the opportunity to create new types of food with unique taste and texture. Experimental cultivations with respect to variety and degree of maturity have been carried out and the content and physical properties of the raw materials have been characterized during autumn 2018 and winter 2019. Based on these, the pea varieties with the greatest potential for use in plant-based foods will be identified.

The project is funded by the Rural Program in EIP Agri.


Project name

Give peas a chance



RISE role in project

Project manager

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Total budget

5,6 MSEK


Food For Progress AB, Lyckeby Starch AB, Västra Skånes Ärtodlarförening

Lina Svanberg

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Lina Svanberg

Enhetschef/Tf processteknik,säkerhet och hygien

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