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Testbed for sustainable composite production

There is a great deal of interest in the industry for new, wholly or partly, bio-based composite materials. The test bed for sustainable composite production provides a valuable step towards material conversion in general and not least for the automotive industry, where increased use of composites can contribute to lighter and more energyefficient cars with a reduced climate footprint.

The test bed provides completely new opportunities to test, develop and demonstrate sustainable materials, techniques and manufacturing processes for the future. The new facility offers the opportunity to carry out tests, not only in a laboratory environment but also on a larger scale under realistic production conditions, which opens up for faster industrialization.

Benefits of composites

Stiffness and strength in combination with low weight means that composites are used in, among other things, aircraft, vehicles, boats, wind turbines, sports equipment, protective equipment and sandwich constructions. Lightweight construction with composites can reduce the weight and thus the fuel consumption of vehicles and increase the range of electric vehicles. Other benefits are increased design freedom and more maintenance-free products with a reduced risk of corrosion. Future composite materials will to a greater extent be biobased and designed for several functions at the same time, such as energy storage and built-in sensors if necessary. 

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The inauguration of the testbed

Take part of the inauguration of the testbed, the 2 September 2021.

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