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RISE accelerates the development of new antibiotics

To meet the global threat of resistant bacteria, we need a larger battery of possible treatments that can be used in a smart, strategic, and sustainable way. We also need treatments that are effective against resistant bacterial strains. New types of antibiotics with completely new mechanisms of action are an important piece of the puzzle.

ENABLE is a European initiative where companies and projects have received funding and support to test drug candidates preclinically and clinically. For 8 years, RISE has been part of a consortium with other research institutes, universities, the biotechnology industry, and pharmaceutical companies. We have led the development forward in dozens of different pharmaceutical projects. RISE has contributed in all development stages that have made it possible for projects to go from the early development phase to clinical trials.

– In the project, RISE is tasked with the pharmaceutical development of the substance, perform toxicity studies, and guidance – that’s our part of the platform. We assist in scaling up the substance to ensure there is a sufficient amount for studying. We are also developing analysis methods, preparations, and formulations so that the substance can be given both to animals and humans,” says Nicolaas Schipper, formulation expert at RISE.

The drug development platform used in ENABLE will now be adapted for Sweden. Thus, RISE will be able to continue to support academic research, companies, and the drug development industry in the field of antibiotics. Swedish ENABLE will start up in 2021 and will gradually grow. The coordinator is Anders Karlén at Uppsala University, who had the same role in the European initiative.

– Having RISE as a part of the pharmaceutical development platform in ENABLE has been hugely beneficial, both in terms of providing experience and expertise to our various partners and concerning the practical development work, says Anders Karlén from Uppsala University.

"The creation of new antibiotics is a time-consuming and expensive process. In close partnership with ENABLE, RISE aided us greatly at various stages of drug development. Their efforts, willingness to collaborate, and dedication were critical to the team's sustained success."

Jurgen Brem, Project Manager, University of Oxford