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Postponed! Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference 2020

Due to growing concerns around the corona virus (COVID-19), the 9th Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference (NWBC) will be rescheduled from the current dates of 24–26 March to 13–15 October 2020 in Stockholm.

The 9th NWBC, 13-15 October 2020, will present the latest ideas and developments in biorefinery separation and conversion processes as well as new bio-based products from the wood biorefinery: energy, chemicals and materials. The event gathers expert speakers from the chemical, energy, pulp and paper industry as well as recognized representatives from the global research community.

Several awards and grants are open for presenting research students.

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Date: 13 - 15 October, 2020 

Location: Hotel Courtyard, Stockholm

Birgit Backlund

Senior project manager

+46 10 228 45 61

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