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Webinar: CORALIS & Water symbiosis

Digital event via Teams

7 march 2023, 8:30-10:00 am.

The webinar was organized by the Center for Industrial and Urban Symbiosis. We presented the center's benefit and network, the EU project CORALIS, and Water Symbiosis.

CORALIS is an EU project that aims to develop and demonstrate sustainable solutions for industrial symbiosis by combining innovative business strategies and technological enablers. Within the project, practical knowledge about the start-up and operation of symbioses is created through three demonstrators, one of which is in Sweden. At the same time, tools and methods are developed that can be further developed and used by actors in Sweden. Rickard Fornell will present the project, give examples of a tool that has been taken on to actors in Sweden for further development, as well as talk about opportunities with EU projects and how the Center for Industrial and Urban Symbiosis works internationally and can provide support for those interested in EU cooperation.

Water symbiosis can reduce the load on the drinking water resource for a dedicated project in Vimmerby and Visby by investigating the construction of water symbiosis to reuse water within and between business and community actors. This project is presented by Shane Carnohan who will share insights from working with local actors around water symbiosis as a concept and discuss the methods used during this process, including analytical methods and approaches to scenario analysis under uncertainty.

Below you can take part in the presentations that were shared, as well as the video recording.

Introduction and presentation of the Center for Urban and Industrial Symbiosis with Marie Karlberg (SWE)


Presentation of the EU project CORALIS with Rickard Fornell (SWE)


Presentation of Water Symbiosis with Shane Carnohan (ENG)


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