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Symbiosis Sweden - The difference between circular ekonomy and IUS

Industrial and urban symbiosis (IUS) is a subset within the circular economy. A circular economy, or circular transition, includes a variety of aspects such as designing products to be recycled or selling services instead of products.

Resource efficiency and circularity in manufacturing processes

During manufacturing, various forms of residual flows are always obtained because it is difficult to get a hundred percent transfer of raw materials to finished products. This is where symbiosis thinking comes in. By understanding these residual flows and taking a larger perspective than your own organization, you can find other organizations that have the opportunity to create value from the residual flows that you cannot use yourself. In this way, resource efficiency and circularity are built into manufacturing processes. As with all aspects of creating a circular transition, it is important to ensure that one does not create circular loops that do not lead to increased resource efficiency and a long-term sustainable transition.

Part of the transition

Symbiosis is a subset of circular transformation, which is a subset of efficient resource use, which is an important aspect of the overall goal of a long-term sustainable transformation of our society.

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