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The Center for Industrial and Urban Symbiosis will highlight the exciting initiatives that takes stand today. Here are a few interesting symbioses between current actors.

Billerud mill powers huge tomato crop
Sweden has every opportunity to become the next major producer of vegetables and even a net exporter. A major step towards this is being taken in Frövi where almost 8,000 tons of tomatoes are being grown and harvested in a climate-smart way thanks to the industrial symbiosis where the greenhouse will be next door to the local paper mill.
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How Sävsjö is working to become food self-sufficient
Just over nine months - that's how long Sävsjö would last on the food it produces. They are one of two municipalities in the county working to increase their food self-sufficiency.
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A rich symbiosis project in Bengtsfors
In the project Resource-efficient and inclusive municipalities through symbiosis (RiK Symbios Bengtsfors), Bengtsfors municipality and Mötesplats Steneby are making a major investment in sustainable circular transformation together with the local business community, Chalmers Industriteknik and Fyrbodal's municipal association. The transition to a more sustainable and climate-neutral society, rising energy prices, reduced raw material resources and waste costs are driving new ways of working where cooperation around resources results in competitive, circular and sustainable companies.
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Unique establishment in Östersund creates 1,000 new green jobs
An electricity-intensive circular investment called Ecosystem Östersund is to establish itself in Torvalla. It consists of a data center that is powered by renewable energy and at the same time supplies heat for large-scale food cultivation. Behind the multi-billion dollar investment are the companies EcoDataCenter and WA3RM, which together are expected to create close to 1,000 new jobs in the municipality.
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A world-leading center for green innovation is being developed in Umeå
A world-leading center for green innovation in environmental technology, recycling, green energy and local production in Umeå. That is the vision and goal for the 600-hectare area that is now emerging near Dåva. The area also gets a new name, Dåva Eco-Industrial Park.
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Swedish cucumber grows here in the middle of winter
A new type of cultivation technology is emerging in Sweden. For just over a month, Ica Maxi in Östersund has been selling cucumbers from a greenhouse in the parking lot.
- This means that far fewer trucks need to drive up here to us in the north, says the store's marketing manager Jerker Hansson.
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The food industry of the future - foodtech
The food industry is facing significant change. The industry must become more sustainable and new production techniques need to be developed. This means great opportunities for growth, employment, research and development.
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The battery factory of the future is cooled with waste water
Is there a connection between a toilet flush and state-of-the-art electric car batteries? Yes, and it's stronger than you might think. Through a unique collaboration, an innovative solution emerged to cool Northvolt and Volvo's new gigafactory (NoVo) for electric car batteries.
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Project for sustainable water use newly started
Solutions are now being investigated to use the water in the municipality in a more sustainable way. A new project, with a focus on investigating the possibilities of reusing waste water from the industries in Vimmerby, is in full swing.
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Hydrogen and fish farming in symbiosis
Big Akwa is revolutionizing land-based fish farming through industrial symbiosis between aquaculture and industry. The intention is to establish an establishment in Alby, as they see great advantages in a collaboration with RES and
the hydrogen plant.
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Sweco projects new green hydrogen plant and contributes to industrial symbiosis in Västernorrland for RES
Sweco has been commissioned to project manage RES's green hydrogen plant and contribute to industrial symbiosis when the residual heat from the 20 MW plant is to be used for heating for example properties, fish farms and greenhouses.
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Recycled steam powers the new salt plant-facility at Högbytorp
The steam from E.ON's cogeneration plant becomes new fuel in the environmental company Ragn-Sell's plant for salt recycling at Högbytorp, northwest of Stockholm. A new agreement shows how industrial collaborations can increase circular recycling in society.
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Fossil-free hydrogen investment by Ovako, the Volvo Group, Hitachi ABB Power Grids Sweden, H2 Green Steel and Nel Hydrogen
Sweden's largest plant for fossil-free hydrogen is now being built with the goal of greatly reducing CO2 emissions, developing local industrial hydrogen production and taking the first step towards a future hydrogen infrastructure for the transport sector. Ovako begins collaboration with the Volvo Group, Hitachi ABB Power Grids Sweden, H2 Green Steel and Nel Hydrogen regarding a venture into the production of hydrogen gas in Hofors.
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Agtira signs LOI with Hive Blockchain Technologies to use excess heat from data center for vegetable farming 
Food tech company Agtira takes another step in the direction of sustainability: Agtira has signed a letter of intent with HIVE Blockchain's Swedish company Bikupa Datacenter, which runs a data center in Boden. The idea is that Agtira will use excess heat from the data hall for an upcoming greenhouse establishment in Boden.
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New circular data center model creates sustainable and large-scale food production 
The surplus heat from new server halls will in future be used to enable food production in Sweden. This is the result of a collaborative project between the Swedish EcoDataCenter and the circular industrial operator WA3RM. The sights are set on large-scale cultivation, which, among other things, is expected to contribute greatly to Sweden's self-sufficiency in food.
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Investing in large-scale food production in Gällivare on the drawing board – an important step in the green transition 
Waste heat from LKAB and the planned fossil-free production in Gällivare can become an important piece in the green industrial transition. The company WA3RM, which builds and finances infrastructure for the next generation of green businesses, has signed with Gällivare Energi to take care of parts of the waste heat with the Hybrit technology for use in large-scale food production. A project that could create a completely new segment in the local business community with the potential to create a large number of new jobs.
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Center for industrial symbiosis planned on Gotland IVL, together with the association 
Tillväxt Gotland, will examine the conditions for developing a center for industrial symbiosis near Visby on Gotland. A survey must now be done to see which industrial collaborations are possible and how they can contribute to a fossil-free and circular economy on the island.
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