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Optimize the Production with Comprehensive Raw Material Analysis

To ensure that production maintains the same or higher quality when transitioning to using new chemicals, it is important to have confidence in the new materials. Knowing that the new chemicals are as effective and reliable as the old ones is crucial to avoid any potential complications or quality issues.

Raw Material Analysis - Essential for Process Quality

By conducting thorough analyses and comparisons, we can assess whether the new chemicals meet your requirements and expectations and whether they can be seamlessly integrated into your existing production processes.

Here at RISE, we have the expertise and resources to perform comprehensive analyses of various types of incoming raw materials used in the production process. Examples of such raw materials include latex, optical brightening agents (OBA), adhesives, metals, lime, starch, fillers, and polymers. By analyzing these raw materials, we can evaluate their composition, purity, stability, and other relevant properties to ensure their suitability and quality for your specific use.

Analyses and Tests for Chemicals

Here are some examples of analyses and tests that we can perform for chemicals such as OBA, latex, and fillers:

1. ISO Brightness: Measurement of light-reflecting properties according to ISO standards to assess optical brightness.

2. pH: Measurement of pH value to assess the acidity or alkalinity of chemicals.

3. Solids Content: Determination of the percentage of solid matter in a solution to assess the concentration and density of chemicals.

4. Viscosity: Measurement of a liquid's resistance to flow to assess its consistency or fluid properties, which may be relevant for chemicals.

5. Microscopic Analysis of OBA: Examination of optical brightening agents under a microscope to assess particle size, shape, and distribution.

6. Analysis with Scanning Electron Microscopy/EDX: Advanced analytical method to investigate the chemical composition and morphology of OBA particles with microscopic precision.

7. ASA (quantitative), AKD (semi-quantitative), Rosin size (qualitative): Analyses of chemicals used in the paper industry to assess their presence, concentration, or quality.

8. Analysis of Starch Content in Paper: Determination of the amount of starch in paper to assess the properties and composition of surface sizing and base paper.

9. Metal Analysis: Determination of the metal content in chemicals to assess their purity and potential contaminants.

10. Polymer Analysis: Characterization and analysis of polymers to assess their chemical composition, properties, and suitability for various applications.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs and how we can assist you with analyses and evaluations of your chemicals.


RISE offers a comprehensive report that includes data in Excel format and is meticulously compiled using standard methods of analysis. The report also includes an assessment of measurement uncertainty to ensure the reliability of the presented results. All relevant parameters pertinent to the specific analysis are included to provide a complete picture of the situation. Additionally, detailed comments and explanations are included to provide further insight and understanding of the presented data. 


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Optimize the Production with Comprehensive Raw Material Analysis


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The delivery of results is scheduled based on our order backlog and the scope as well as the complexity of your assignment. We aim to ensure that your results are delivered on time, taking into account the specific requirements of your project. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to provide you with the best possible service.

We offer the possibility of express delivery for analysis results to our customers. With our express delivery service, you can receive your results even faster, enabling you to take action or make decisions without unnecessary delay. Please note that express delivery is available at an additional cost. Feel free to contact us for more information on pricing and availability for the express delivery option. We are here to assist you and provide your analysis results in a timely manner according to your preferences.

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