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Age Resistance of Cellulose Products

When it comes to products used over an extended period or exposed to various environmental conditions, it's crucial that they retain their properties over time. Products that continue to function correctly and maintain their original characteristics even after prolonged use are of higher value to users.

The Importance of Durability Testing in Product Development and Consumer Satisfaction

To meet customer expectations and remain competitive, products must undergo an assessment of their durability. Durability is a critical quality measure assessing how well a product can maintain its functional and structural properties over time without compromising performance or quality.

Measuring durability involves evaluating a product's ability to withstand aging processes that may affect its performance, structure, and reliability over time. This may include exposure to various environmental conditions such as temperature variations, humidity, UV light, chemicals, or mechanical wear and tear.

By measuring and evaluating durability, manufacturers and product developers can identify potential weaknesses or flaws in the product and take action to enhance its longevity and lifespan. This may involve using more resilient materials, improving production methods, or applying surface treatments to protect the product from external influences.

For consumers, durability is crucial when choosing products, especially for long-term use or in environments with extreme conditions. Investing in products with high durability can reduce the need for frequent replacement or repairs, thus lowering total costs over the product's lifecycle.

In business contexts, the durability of products can be crucial for maintaining a company's reputation and credibility in the market. Products known for their long lifespan and reliability tend to attract more customers and build loyalty over time.

Measuring durability is a vital part of the product development process and can be tailored to the specific intended uses and requirements of the products. There are standardized methods for assessing durability, but it is also possible to develop customized testing methods to meet specific needs and preferences of customers and users.

Some common instruments and methods used to measure durability include:

1. Climate chambers: Used to simulate various environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and other climatic factors.

2. Accelerated aging under different light conditions: Products are exposed to various light conditions, including UV light, to simulate the aging process and assess its effects.

3. Aging through freezing: Products undergo cycles of freezing and thawing to assess their ability to withstand temperature variations and humidity.

4. Hysteresis testing: Used to measure products' ability to recover after mechanical pressure or deformation, particularly important for elastic materials.

During durability testing, various properties can be measured to evaluate the products' performance and condition over time, including mechanical, optical, and chemical properties. By conducting rigorous tests, manufacturers and product developers can identify any weaknesses or flaws and take steps to improve the products' durability and lifespan. This is crucial to ensuring that the products meet customer expectations and maintaining a strong brand reputation and trust in the market.


Aging resistant paper (ISO 9706)

  • Neutral glue
  • pH value between 7.5 and 10.0
  • Have an alkali reserve of less than 0.4 moles of acid per kg of paper (less than 2% chalk or equivalent)
  • Have tear strength over 350 mN
  • Have kappa numbers less than 5, ie the paper may only contain a limited amount of oxidizable material (eg lignin)

Aging resistant paper (ISO 11108)

  • made from cotton, cotton linters, hemp or flax but may contain a small amount of fully bleached chemical pulp
  • Folding strength less than 2.18 (weight over 150)


  • Age resistance for
  • Document paper
  • Archive paper
  • Color fastness
  • DIN 6738 Life span on paper and paper board
  • ICN


RISE provides a comprehensive report where results are presented in a clear manner through concise but informative sections with clear diagrams and tables. This report structure is designed to make it easy for customers and stakeholders to quickly grasp the presented results without having to delve into extensive texts.


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Age Resistance of Cellulose Products

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