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Comparative Testing for Pulp and Paper Laboratories

Proficiency testing represents a valuable method for assessing and ensuring the quality of laboratory operations. These comparisons can encompass various aspects, including instrument performance and analysis methods.


By comparing the results from different laboratories, one can detect any potential differences or deviations and identify areas where improvements can be made.

Such a forum for proficiency testing provides an excellent opportunity for open and constructive discussions within the laboratory community. It allows participants to share experiences, discuss best practices, and collectively work towards enhancing the quality and reliability of laboratory analyses. Additionally, it promotes increased awareness of the crucial role that laboratories play in various industries and society as a whole.

By actively participating in proficiency testing and discussions, laboratory personnel can enhance their competence, improve their skills, and develop a deeper understanding of the methods and techniques used within their field of work. This, in turn, can lead to improved accuracy, precision, and reliability in the analyses performed, benefiting both the laboratory's reputation and its ability to deliver high-quality results to its customers and partners.

RISE offers the following tre different test comparisons; PFI mill, ISO Brightness and emission parameters for forest industrial wastewater.

PFI mill - long fiber and short fiber (in collaboration with PFI Instruments)

By participating and comparing your own values ​​for refining with a reference pulp, you know how well your own refiner is calibrated. The results can also be a complement to traceable calibration before applying for accreditation or certification.

Once a year, RISE sends out reference pulp to the participating laboratories for refinering, handmade sheets and testing. The results are processed and compiled at RISE. Everything is presented in a report where the whole is reported in relation to the respective laboratory's values. Diagrams are obtained for each parameter as well as tables with the other participants' results.

The reference pulp is taken in large quantities at one time. This provides an opportunity for a direct comparison with the previous round and a long-term history.

ISO Brightness

The whole method will be tested and this is a good opportunity to easily compare the results from your own measurement with others' results. We will send out two pulps, a hardwood and a softwood. The results are sent to RISE and for compilation, including our own, and the participants are provided with the measurement results. In the compilation, the samples are deidentified so that each participant only knows his result but can compare himself with the other participants' results.


Emission parameters for forest industrial wastewater

Twice a year, May and November, we will send out frozen samples to you. A written summary is received a few months later where the results are presented anonymously. There are two content levels of each analysis. Report the analyzes that are of interest to you.

If there is a request for test rings, please contact us and we can discuss the possibility of starting them up.

You can also find us at EPTIS.

Methods, Instruments and Expertise


Refinery with 5 points (ISO 5264-2)
• SR (ISO 5267-1)
• CSF (ISO 5267-2)
• WRV (ISO 23714)
• Density (ISO 534)
• Tensile index (ISO 1924-3)
• Elongation (ISO 1924-3)
• TEA (ISO 1924-3)
• Burst strength (ISO 2758)
• s & k (ISO 9416)
• Air permeance Bendtsen (ISO 5636-3)
• Tear resistance (ISO 1974)

ISO Brightness: The laboratories manufacture their own laboratory sheets according to ISO 3688 and then the sheets are measured according to ISO 2470-1, ISO brightness.

Test comparison of emission parameters for forest industrial wastewater:

  • COD, TOC, Tot-N, Tot-P, suspended solids GF / A, conductivity, chlorate, sodium.
  • Coarse particles and fibers in wastewater (susp 70). Sample type: Fibers dissolved in water samples
  • pH. Sample type: Water sample


RISE offers a comprehensive report where the results are presented in concise yet informative sections with clear diagrams and tables. All key parameters and relevant comments are included to provide a clear picture of the analyses and their results. By using diagrams and tables, it becomes easier to detect patterns and trends, facilitating decision-making.

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Comparative Testing for Pulp and Paper Laboratories


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