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Forum for standardization in digitalized industry (project)

An important challenge for increased digitization of production is to relate to a large number of standards and standardization work within different groupings. Increased knowledge of this is important for manufacturing companies to be able to take advantage of the opportunities. The project establishes a forum for Swedish industry offering

This page describes the project that builds the forum.
The forum has its own page with information about activities and registration.

Objectives and expected results

There is now a transition to increased digitalisation in production, which provides many opportunities for Swedish manufacturing industry. An important challenge to deal with in this is how they should relate to the large number of available standards and the standardization work within different groupings. Increased knowledge of this is important for manufacturing companies to be able to take advantage of the opportunities in an increasingly digitalized business landscape. The goal is to establish a forum for Swedish industry and convey knowledge and support in understanding and navigating among standards for smart production.

Expected result is an established forum with experts, manufacturing companies and supplier companies. During the year, knowledge exchange through workshops and seminars increased companies' knowledge of standards and standardization. The expected result is also to find a sustainable business model for the forum's survival after the funding from Vinnova ends. The expected effect is an increased ability of Swedish industry to exploit the opportunities that digitalisation and standards for smart manufacturing create and thereby be able to increase its competitiveness.

Forum members

The project has five partners: SIS, KTH, Lund University, RISE IVF and Automation Region. The forum will consist of experts in standards, manufacturers and users of digitized equipment for production. In 2021, the project will expand the forum and collaboration with relevant projects and organizations. The forum offers workshops, seminars, coaching and a conference. One goal of the project is also to develop a method for navigating among standards, guidelines for the application of standards, an overview of standard areas, relevant organizations, and experts.

More information about the Forum

The project described on this page is conducted in 2021. This builds up the forum - more information about the Forum can be found on a separate page.


Project name

Forum Standards Digitalized Industry



RISE role in project


Project start


1 år

Total budget

2 milj kr


KTH, Lunds Universitet, Tekniska högskolan, Automation Region, Mälardalens högskola, SIS Svenska institutet för standarder




Project members


Per Gullander

Contact person

Per Gullander


+46 10 228 48 27

Read more about Per

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