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Innovation Management System – Guidance standard ISO 56002

In today's fast-changing society and the complex challenges we face, companies and organizations constantly need to improve and renew themselves and their offerings. Driving forces are, among others, increasing demands from customers and citizens, digitalization and sustainability. Many organizations understand the need for innovation,  but find it difficult to get a return on their innovation efforts.


Individual activities such as collecting ideas, brainstorming or collaborating with start-ups are not enough. Research and experience show that a systematic and holistic approach to an organization’s innovation capability is needed!

In 2019, the world's first guidance standard for innovation management system, ISO 56002, was published. This after 10 years of international cooperation, with Swedish participation in SIS/TK 532, including representatives from RISE. The guidance standard can be used as a checklist to get started with and to maintain a systematic approach to innovation work in a company, municipality or other organization. In order to work systematically with innovation, you need to work with leadership, strategy, culture, processes, metrics, user insights, methods and tools, roles and responsibilities, skills, resources and so on that together create the innovation capability. For the first time, there is an internationally established and common framework that takes a systems perspective on innovation. The innovation management standard can be integrated with other management systems for, for example, quality or environment.

Through innovation management dialogues, we help organizations, municipalities and innovation clusters identify their innovation capability and at the same time increase the understanding of how to work systematically with innovation and prepare the organization to succeed in its innovation work. The purpose of the dialogue is to increase the understanding of organizational strengths and weaknesses to create awareness of what you should focus on in order to increase the ability to innovate.

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